The classic look of slate transforms your roof into a showpiece.

Designed to enhance your home for decades to come, our 50 year transferable warranty speaks for itself.

Designs inspired by nature, and developed sustainably

Organic palettes that draw from the beauty of nature while fortifying it through our continued commitment to the use of 100% recyclable materials.

Full Slate
Mitered Edge
Beaver Tail

Standard Colors

Striking tiles that so closely depict the characteristics of traditional slate, the difference is indistinguishable. Our full depth color tile means that the hue you choose today is the exact representation of what you’ll admire decades down the road.




Premium Colors

Our premium color palette is available for those with a unique style and design in mind. A sharp line of color for your neighborhood to behold.


Authentic Roof slates are lightweight and require no maintenance once installed. Move forward with your project using a preferred contractor or reach out to our team of professionals.


Authentic Roof recommends that slates be stored in a clean, dry area at temperatures above freezing and less than 100 degrees F (38 degrees C).

Download our Specifications Guides for detailed product information


Feeling secure and protected in your home for a lifetime means everything, and our confidence offers you peace of mind. The original purchaser of a properly
installed Authentic Roof is warranted to a 50 year transferable warranty, providing assurance for your family as well as a major selling feature to one subsequent
owner of the property, should you choose to move residences.

Download our 50 Year Transferable Warranty

Extreme Weather Durability

The worry free alternative to shingles and cedar shake.
Engineered for extreme impact resistance, manufactured from fire-retardant faber compound, our 16” no flex tiles stay rigid and withstand category 2 hurricane winds.

Technical Specifications/Metrics