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 Why Choose Authentic Roof
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 50-year Warranty
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Authentic Roof is “the Original”; the World’s First synthetic roofing slate made from extremely high quality recycled polymers. This product was originally invented in 1988 by James P. Crowe of Ontario, Canada - custom builder by trade and third generation descendant of renowned Irish masons and home builders. Dedicated to quality construction and extremely well versed in the building trades, Mr. Crowe designed and developed Authentic Roof to be an improvement on real slate in every way possible.

Our product exudes the authentic appeal of real slate and it has been tried and tested to last just as long. Several significant advantages make Authentic Roof the most superior roofing material available in the world today. Through innovation Authentic Roof weighs less than real slate, it is easier to install and in only a fraction of the time. Perhaps the most intriguing feature - all benefits considered, is the price. Compared with real slate, Authentic Roof is much more affordable to the end user - the customer; just as Mr. Crowe had envisioned. Adding to The Authentic Advantage, Authentic Roof is a proud advocate of the environment and is 100% recyclable.

By combining the traditional slate layering installation process with cutting edge technology in material development we have engineered a World Class product.  We believe that a person’s home is their castle and their “roof” is the shield that protects it; that shield should be built to last. At A2Z Polymers Inc., a tremendous amount of time and financial resources are invested heavily into the research and development of our product. Today, as the only PREMIUM product of its kind with over 25 years experience, Authentic Roof is without question - unmatched across the globe.

At A2Z Polymers Inc. we firmly believe that all consumers should receive the best value for their dollar in any marketplace. We also believe that trust in business is solidified through value and that true value can only be demonstrated by the quality of the particular good or service that is being offered.

As the pioneer of the synthetic slate market, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to the building and construction industries. Guided by this principle, we will continue to deliver genuine value to our consumers through nothing but the finest, top quality products.

In all endeavors, A2Z Polymers Inc. will continue to conduct business in a manner that is consistent with its core values: Integrity, Quality, & Affordability. All of our operations will continue to encourage industrial growth, environmental leadership and the achievement of excellence.

Thank you for your interest in the world's finest roofing material.


Jimmy Crowe,
Executive Vice President

“Imitation is anemic; innovation is brilliance”.
Peace of mind can only be found in a product you can trust…

“The Original”
Authentic Roof

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